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The Under Wraps sandwich + salad bar is a delicious range of wraps, sandwiches, baguettes, wholefood salads, breakfasts and hot dishes prepared with love using fresh, seasonal ingredients.


wraps white (spinach, sundried tomato, wholemeal or gluten free +.50
sandwich white, multigrain, rye
baguette, turkish, foccacia or pumpkin +.50


1. chicken, ham or beef & salad
    shaved chicken, ham or beef with lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber,
    sprout, beetroot, under wraps aioli 8.50

2. curried egg
    smashed mash curried eggs, lettuce and mayo 5.90

3. big salad
    mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beets, celery, peppers, carrot,
    corn and sprouts 7.90

4. parma
    sliced virginia ham, mixed lettuce, swiss cheese, sun dried tomatoes
    and pesto 8.50

5. spicy beef
    lettuce, beef, cucumber, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, sprout
    and jalapenos 7.90

6. greek salad
    tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, feta, olives, rocket 7.90

7. thai curry
    curry chicken, lettuce, tomato, mango, coconut, tzatziki 8.50

8. california club
    chicken, turkey, bacon, cheese, coriander, tomato salsa, guacamole,
    under wraps sauce 8.90

9. tuna mornay
    tuna salad, rocket, green onions, celery and tasty cheese 7.90

10. caesar salad
     roman lettuce, bacon, parmesan, croutons and caesar dressing 6.90
     (add chicken + 1.00)

11. mediterranean vego
     eggplant, zucchini, roasted peppers, olives, rocket, sun dried tomato, feta
     cheese and pesto 8.50

12. p.a.l.m
     prawns, avocado, lettuce and mayo 7.90

13. chicken b.l.t.
     chicken schnitzel, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, under wraps sauce 8.90

14. seaside
     salmon, prawns, cream cheese, mixed lettuce, capers, tomato and
     cucumber 9.90


caesar salad
roman lettuce, bacon and parmesan cheese 8.90
option: add chicken, beef, tuna + 1

greek salad
rocket, tomato, cucumber, peppers, onion, feta cheese and kalamata olives 9.90

big salad
mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beets, peppers, carrot, corn, sprouts and beets 9.90

seaside salad
mixed lettuce, prawns, smoked salmon, cherry tomato, avocado, cucumber and capers 13.90

thai beef or chicken salad
coriander, mint, tomato, cucumber, rocket, peppers, mango, noodles, soy sweet chilli and lime dressing 9.90

salad of the day 10.90

chef’s special salad of the day 13.90