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Our juice bar offers a fabulous range of fresh juices, frappes and smoothies prepared with care and premium quality ingredients to give you a glow, a protein punch, to rejuvenate, to supercharge or simply to recharge.

When you need a caffeine fix, our gourmet coffee and tea range is extensive with a rewarding loyalty card for devotees!


fresh juices 5.90 | 7.30 smoothies 5.90 | 6.90 fresh frappés 5.90 | 6.90

liquid breakfast
banana, muesli, frozen yogurt, honey, banana & lite milk

pure passion smoothie
passionfruit, mango, frozen yoghurt & lite milk

go wild smoothie
straw - blue - raspberries, frozen yoghurt & lite milk

milo energy smoothie
milo, banana, frozen yogurt & lite milk

tropical bliss smoothie
mango, banana, coconut milk, frozen yoghurt

ports storm frappé
strawberries, mango, tropical juice & ice

water relief frappé
watermelon, orange, tropical juice & ice

strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple juice & ice

v8 energizer juice
tomato, cucumber, celery ,carrot, orange & ice

liver cleanser (for the night before and after)
beetroot, celery, apple, ginger, carrot & ice


regular 5.90  |  large 7.30

energy lift
mango, banana, tropical juice, low fat frozen yoghurt & energizer booster (guarana)

beauty liquid
watermelon, mango, raspberry, low fat frozen yoghurt,

lite milk & vitabooster
protein punch banana, mango, strawberry, low fat frozen yoghurt, lite

milk & protein booster
banana blender banana, passion fruit, pineapple juice, low fat frozen yoghurt & whey protein